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Car Detailing Geelong

Let’s get your car looking brand new again with a full detail or mini detail. We are professional car detailers you can trust, we’ll give your vehicle the VIP treatment it deserves, be it SUV, minivan, or luxury car. Our team are the most competitive and reliable car detailers in Geelong.

We offer comprehensive car cleaning packages, including complete mobile car wash and detailing, auto detailing, ceramic coating services and other interior and exterior high end detailing services. 

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Our experienced and professional car detailers will perform everything from steam cleaning your seats to applying tyre treatments and car waxing. As a leading car detailing company in Geelong, we offer the most affordable prices on all our services and supplies. Get in touch with our team for more info today.


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Pick Up - Mobile Detailing

Our mobile detailing services offers you a convenient solution to fit your busy lifestyle. Our insured drivers pick up and drop off your car to be detailed while your at home or work. This is helpful if you have more than one vehicle or a company fleet. We offer a complete mobile car wash package, taking care of both interior and exterior car detailing, including steam cleaning of your upholstery and car seats.

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Cut and Polishing Geelong

A cut and polish refers to the process of removing the clear coat from the top layer of paintwork to expose the paint underneath to polish away any imperfections. We offer a full exterior hand wash, including sticker removal prior to the procedure. Our experienced detailers will buff your car to perfection taking care of scratch repair with our orbital buffer machine. Opt to finish with a ceramic coating for extra sparkle.

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Interior Car Detailing

Mobile interior car detailing services include everything from car seat cleaning to dashboard detailing. Our car steam cleaner will have your vehicle refreshed and renewed in no time. We will perform a leather treatment on all your leather surfaces. Are you interested in improving your car’s performance by having your engine properly cleaned? Call our experts and ask about our engine cleaning services.

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Auto Paint Detailing

Has your vehicle lost it’s shine? Exposure to the elements can cause your car’s paintwork to fade and dull. Auto paint detailing is a popular way to preserve your car’s paintwork or to restore its glow. Our paint detailing services include paint protection, such as our ceramic coatings or a wax finish. We also offer paint correction such as our cut and polish services. Call us for a full assessment and a free quote today.

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Mobile Car Washing

Save yourself the hassle of getting to the carwash. Avoid taking time out of your busy schedule and take advantage of mobile car detailing service. Our expert car detailers will come to you, pick up your car and return it looking brand new. Whether you’re at the home or office we’ll send a licensed and insured driver to collect vehicle, have it professionally detailed and returned as quickly as possible. We stock all the top of the range mobile car cleaning equipment ensuring that your car is left sparkling clean. Our mobile car washing service is the most expedient and hassle free to have your car looking brand spanking new again. 

If you’re like us, we care about your car. Standard car washing practices can cause unintentional damage, especially when poor quality products and methods are used. Our mobile interior car cleaning services include specialized tools and car detailing techniques that will improve your vehicle’s condition while increasing your vehicle’s market value. Call to book an appointment and give your car back it’s showroom shine today.

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Seat and Upholstery Steam Cleaners

Accidental spills, oily residue and sticky fingers are an unavoidable occurence in any vehicle. These substances can seep deep into the upholstery and seats of your vehicle, creating unsightly marks and stains, potentially causing irreversible damage. Attempting to remove these stains by yourself by using harsh chemicals such as bleach can cause further damage. At Pro Detailing Geelong we use the best steam cleaning processes and products on the market.

Our high-tech gentle steam cleaning equipment will reach below the surface layers of your upholstery, extracting all toxic substances without causing any damage to your interior. Steam cleaning will remove stubborn stains and other debris such as hair and sand from hard to reach areas. Opting for a steam clean has the added benefit of neutralizing odors caused by perspiration and smoking. Our trained car detailers will leave your car seats and upholstery smelling fresh and your interior rejuvenated, while increasing comfort and durability. Call us for a free quote and you could be enjoying your fresh and breezy ride today.

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Auto Paint Detailing Geelong

Get rid of those pesky scrapes and minor scratches with our auto paint detailing services. Our expert car detailers will conduct a complete exterior assessment of your vehicle’s paintwork and problem areas. This will determine the methods and supplies most suitable for your vehicle. We will gently wash and clean your vehicle prior to auto paint detailing. This prevents further damage, while allowing us to assess and conduct minor repairs on your paintwork, instantly improving the value and aesthetics of your vehicle.

Along with paint correction, we offer paint protection increasing the durability of your paintwork. Ask about our car waxing, buffing and ceramic coating services which will leave your car with a sleek and polished finish, looking better than when you first drove it. Give us a ring and our expert auto paint detailers will answer all your auto paint detail queries today.

Quality Car Detailing Geelong

As the quality providers of car detailing services in Geelong you can rely on us for professional workmanship, affordable prices and friendly services. If you are on the market to trade or sell your vehicle, our auto detailing service will go a long way in increasing the value of your vehicle. Looking to give new life to an old classic or preowned vehicle? Then we are the professional car detailing company to call. Why not try our mobile car wash and detailing services for ease of convenience?  

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We have been serving Geelong, Victoria for many years, providing car detailing services for both private and commercial vehicle owners. We service everything from luxury cars to motorhome cleaning and caravan washing. We know that your vehicle is important to you. Our wide range of professional car detailing services will make us your go-to car detailing company for all your car care needs. Do you want to drive away in a freshly detailed car by a car detailing company you can trust? Give us a call for an obligation free quote and we will take care of the rest.

Affordable Rates

We at Pro Detailing Geelong there are no nasty surprises such as unexpected bills or sudden charges. We are honest and reliable, offering only the finest supplies and quality workmanship at affordable rates. 

Our experienced and professional car detailers will advise you on everything from scratch repair to interior stain removal and leather treatments. We provide car detailing services in Geelong, using the safest equipment and supplies on the market to ensure that your vehicle never gets damaged. Every vehicle that passes through our hands gets the highest quality treatment. Visit our partner company if you need boat detailing. Our goal is to give your vehicle the love and attention it deserves, increasing it’s aesthetics, longevity and value. Drive away feeling as though you’ve bought a brand new car.

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FAQs Section

How much does Landscaping Cost?

Landscaping can cost anything from a few hundred bucks for a garden refresh or mulching to thousands of dollars for a professional landscaper to assess and create a design for your property and construct beautiful features and luxurious entertaining areas. We have something for everyone. We use industry leading planning and budgeting skills to ensure your landscaping ideas are met without breaking the bank. Taking expert advice early, can save you serious money in the long run.

What does the interior car detailing process involve?

The process includes a full interior vacuum, reaching into narrow spaces such as vents. We will also gently loosen stubborn dirt and melt grease using specialised detailing tools. Our car detailers will treat all textiles and surfaces with the correct cleaning materials so that your car is brought back to it’s best condition. Our steam cleaning experts will neutralize all odors and deodorize your vehicle, cleaning your car from top to bottom. 

Should I detail my new vehicle?

Yes! Detailing a new vehicle can go a long way in preserving and protecting your vehicle from damage. Many new vehicles sit outside on the sale lot for months before being sold, which can cause dirt build up, causing scratches and swirls. We offer a thorough car wash and sanitizing of your new vehicle, as well as car waxing and ceramic coating services. This will increase your vehicle’s durability and improve shine.

How often should I detail my car?

How often you detail your car depends on a variety of factors such as the type of vehicle you have, how frequently you use it and the type of passengers or cargo you carry. In general we recommend that you detail your car after every oil change or twice a year, and more if your vehicle is used often. Remember that keeping up-to-date with your car detailing appointments can save you money in the long run and increase the value of your car.

Can scratches be removed from my paintwork without having my car completely repainted?

Auto paint detailing can remove light surface scratches caused by dirt called swirling. If the scratches are on the clear coat, the area will be isolated and assessed. A cut and polish professional will cut the clear coat to sand and buff the area, bringing the vehicle back to its original condition. If the scratches are beneath the clear coat then the area will be treated and repainted using the best techniques in the industry.

Why should I opt for car detailing instead of washing my own car?

Professional car detailing is more than just washing your car, it also saves you time and money. Car detailing has the added benefit of restoring your car to its original condition. We can detail areas a normal wash would find impossible to reach. Our experts treat everything from your interior ceilings, seats and upholstery to your dashboard and boot. Car detailing gives your vehicle the care it deserves, while giving your vehicle back it’s radiance.

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