Have you thought about having a ceramic-coated coating applied to your car? It is claimed to preserve your car’s paintwork. Is it superior to wax? Is it well worth the money?

This article covers the basics and benefits of car Ceramic Coating in Geelong. You will learn what ceramic coating is and its benefits and drawbacks. It also explains how it compares to waxing and other options.

What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating of Professional quality is a chemical polymer applied to the vehicle’s exterior to protect it against external paint damage. It is usually applied by hand. It blends with your car’s paint and provides an extra layer of protection.

This chemical bonding and the creation of a new layer ensure that the factory paint job on your car remains intact.

Ceramic Coating can be considered as an alternative to waxing. The idea behind ceramic coating is to protect your clear coat from dirt, grime, and stains.

Ceramic coating, sometimes called 9H Nano ceramic coating (pH is the hardness) is semi-permanent. It does not degrade under normal atmospheric conditions like rain, winter, and summer.

washing car exterior using high pressure water pipe

Advantages of Ceramic Coating

  • Protection against harmful UV Rays

The damage that UV rays can cause to your car’s paintwork can be quite staggering. Ceramic coatings protect the paint of your car from oxidisation. Ceramic coating will prevent it from looking dull and faded. This is particularly important when your car is outside.

  • Protection from chemical stains

Your car could also be damaged by chemical stains caused by acidic pollutants in the air. This coating will stop these contaminants from bonding to the paint.

  • Hydrophobic water behaviour and easy cleaning

Washing your car can be stressful when it comes to waxing or other types of detailing. You do not have to worry about the ceramic coating wearing down while doing a car wash in Geelong.

Ceramic coating bonds with the car’s paintwork and repels water. The ceramic coating will repel water and allow all water-based grime to bead on the surface, eventually sliding off. All you need to do is give your car a quick spray wash and some snow foam, and it will be shiny and clean.

  • Ultimate finish and gloss

Ceramic Coating can be used by those who desire a high shine finish. This coating will give your car a shiny, glossy appearance that enhances the original paintwork. The industry has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from both customers and industry professionals.

Is ceramic coating a good deal?

Yes! Ceramic Coating is a great option that will enhance the long-term value of your vehicle. It makes it easy to clean and maintain your pride and joy. It will allow you to spend more time driving and enjoying the car, rather than worrying about how to keep it safe.

The ceramic coating does not provide a solution to all your paintwork concerns. There is no single product that can provide complete protection for your car. However, ceramic coating is one of the most effective car paint protection options.