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Paint Protection

Auto paint detailing in Geelong practices the latest developments in auto detailing technology involving paint protection and paint correction. We are a car detailing company who uses specialized equipment and highly trained professionals to bring you the best auto paint detailing service in Geelong. We have the highest quality paint protection supplies in stock including carnauba wax and sleek ceramic coatings. Should you opt for a car waxing, buffing your car by hand takes time and elbow grease. Let our experienced technicians buff your vehicle with our orbital buffing machine getting the job done in a jiffy. Paint protection extends the longevity of your paintwork and protects your car from minor scratches and scuff marks. Our paint detailing services include scratch removal and a full exterior wash. Give your ride the expert treatment it deserves. Call our expert car detailers to find out about our affordable rates and for a free quote today.

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Paint Correction

If you care about preserving your vehicle and the appearance of your car then paint correction is worth it. Save yourself having to completely repaint your car with Pro Detailing Geelong paint correction services. Auto paint correction is targeted at scratch repair and removal. We will improve the aesthetics of your vehicle by applying auto paint correction techniques such as cut and polish and professional buffing. Our experts also perform wet sanding around the affected areas to completely remove any scratches.

This procedure is followed by a wax finish, giving your car it’s best chance to shine. We offer paint correction for all types of vehicles, such as commercial vehicles, classic cars or modern family vans. Extend the longevity of your vehicle by keeping it well maintained and fix minor scratches with proper car detailing techniques. Recreate the first time you drove your vehicle or give your pre owned vehicle the gleam it never had. Paint protection and correction will beautify your vehicle, have your car stand out from the crowd and get some serious attention on the roads in Geelong. Give us a call for a free quote today.

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Ceramic Coating

Auto paint detailing includes professional ceramic coating services which will give your vehicle a high gloss finish. Ceramic coatings offer semi-permanent protection on your vehicles exterior paintwork against paint defects that can happen through gravel damage, exposure to the sun and rain, or driving through rough terrain. Our ceramic coatings protect your vehicle’s exterior for months, repels contaminants and takes the hassle out of washing your car.

Our dual layer ceramic coatings offer a double layer of protection adding even more gloss and depth of shine, as well as providing a thicker layer of protection against damage. Add protection to your vehicle today. If it’s your vehicle’s first time getting a ceramic coating our experts will advise you on the best supplies prior to the procedure. If your vehicle already has a ceramic coating we will remove the previous coat using a process called claying, before applying the fresh coat. Kick into high gear and head on down to Pro Detailing Geelong or give us a call to book your next appointment today. 

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